Difference Between Motown Vs. Stax

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Motown vs. Stax

Emerging out of the turbulent civil rights period in the United States, the majority of the black minority population finally found a means by which to express their voice to the world through music. This movement stemmed from two extremely different music studios located in opposite regions of the United States. One of these companies arose out of the north, which very rigidly rigidly controlled their product and polished young talent to fit an agenda. In contrast, its opposing studio began in the deep south and was raw, unrestricted, as well as organic, choosing to let any artist play regardless of who they were or how they performed. Together, these music production studios helped break down the racial segregation of black and white music, although they went about it in polar opposite ways.

Motown Record Company (briefly name Tamala Records), located in Detroit, Michigan was birthed by Berry Gordy on January 12, 1959. His vision was for the company to produce black artists to bridge the gap between white and black segregated music markets and audiences. He dreamed about making an entity that would appeal to both the wider white pop music audiences as well as the narrower black Rhythm and Blues one. To obtain this objective, he began to make Black music more palatable to white pop music consumers not only by the appealing, upbeat pop music arrangements and

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