Difference Between Natural And Social Sciences

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When one thinks of the concept of science, the terms natural and social do not come to mind. However, one would assume there is no difference between social and natural science, if it is not acknowledged as one or the other to begin with. Is one science more inferior to the other science? Michael Scriven, Brian Fay, J. Donald Moon and Fritz Machlup are just a few individuals who have primarily discussed the distinction between natural and social sciences. These discussions led to the question of whether or not natural and social sciences could be understood differently. Another question that was raised: Was can social and natural sciences just be an application of the same basic approaches to very diverse problems? Throughout the course of the text, several examples will be provided arguing each side of the debate on whether or not there is a distinction between natural and social sciences. Fritz Machlup identified nine categories of comparison and dissimilarity between natural and social sciences in Are the Social Sciences Really Inferior? The overall goal of his comparison was to identify the distinction between the two subcategories of science. The nine categories are: “invariability of observations, objectivity of observations and explanations, verifiability of hypotheses, exactness of findings, measurability of phenomena, constancy of numerical relationships, predictability of future events, distance from everyday experience and standards of admission and…
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