Difference Between Nervousness And Communication Apprehension

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What is the difference between nervousness and communication apprehension?

Communication apprehension can be defined as an individual’s fear or anxiety associated with real or anticipated communication with others, while nervousness before a speech is simply the feeling you get when your body produces more adrenaline due to your anticipated performance. The key difference is that nervousness is natural and communication apprehension is more closely related to anxiety.

As you read in this chapter, public speaking is among people 's top fears. Why are people afraid to speak in public?

The main reason why people are so afraid to speak in public is because of their fear of the unknown. They are afraid because they are uncertain of how well their overall performance will be, how others will judge their speech, and how others will react to it.

What are the three causes of communication apprehension? Explain each.

The three causes of communication apprehension are heredity, learned apprehension, and skill deficit. Heredity is a cause because some people are born with a personality trait that causes communication apprehension. While this is the case for some, most people learn to be anxious about public speaking. Learned apprehensions that cause fears in public speaking are usually situation-based, audience-based, and context-based, meaning people are afraid to communicate due to the situation, who they are speaking in front of,

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