Difference Between Nurses with Different Level of Education

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Difference between nurses with different level of education As nursing has become a highly competent profession, the educational opportunities for nurses have increased significantly. The hospitals and other organizations that provide health care are also competing with each other and now the demand for nurses with bachelor degree is increasing. For decades the American Nurses association and the National League for nursing have attempted to make the BSN the only educational program for RNs in the US. This essay focuses on the difference in the competencies between nurses prepared at the associate-degree level versus the baccalaureate-degree level in nursing. Studies have shown that the higher educated RNs have a better…show more content…
On a telemetry floor when two new nurses, each with different educational background, that is BSN and ADN started working, it was noted that they both competed with each other in terms of the patient care skills. In regards to critical thinking skills such as collecting all the necessary information, prior to calling the doctor, or making appropriate decisions in a patient emergency, was noted to be more prominent in the nurse with BSN degree when compared to the ADN nurse. Even though their skills are not comparable with the experienced nurses the nurse with BSN was able to develop the critical thinking skills faster and work more efficiently. The BSN nurse also exhibited leadership skills, and was motivated and enthusiastic to learn more. When a post angioplasty patient was bleeding from the groin site, the two above mentioned new nurses went into the room, and the AND nurse was noted to go out to call an experienced nurse for help. At the same time, the BSN nurse stayed with the patient even though did not know what to do, and used the phone in the room to call for help which is more appropriate and safety of the patient. Healthcare is progressing toward advance degrees. The BSN is really an entry level now. The bachelor degree in nursing
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