Difference Between PHP And Ruby On Rails

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Ruby on Rails versus PHP
PHP and Ruby on Rails are both awesome web languages. Some developers prefer PHP to Ruby on Rails while others prefer Ruby on Rails to PHP. There are some reasons that are accustomed to that.

For starters let’s understand what they entail:
What is Ruby on Rails and PHP
For starters Ruby on Rails is a framework that has Ruby as its main language. PHP on the other hand is a web programming language that works with storage, editing, transmission and integration of databases.

PHP is a language that works with the back-end side of a web page or app. It mainly uses sets of scripts to link one thing and the other. Ruby on the other hand is a programming language that provides back-end solutions to apps or websites. Ruby
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Cons of Ruby on Rails
You will need a lot of time and patience to full learn Ruby and learn all its tricks and tips
Its processing time tends to be slower as compared to other languages.
Yes, it does have some resources but they aren’t enough. Thus in trouble shooting problems you may find it difficult to get a forum that addresses such an issue.
Its updates and development are slow.

PHP and Ruby on Rails are both awesome in building applications and websites. However they differ in many ways, if you want to learn fast start with PHP. You should also remember to do regular practice so as to perfect in it. Ruby on Rails takes more time as you have to setup a lot of stuff before starting the actual coding. This can be tiresome and take time. Most web servers and hosting companies also support PHP, unlike Ruby on Rails that is not that flexible. Versus
Learning Ruby on Rails can be very advantageous for anyone, as you will manage to be on top of the team. Most people know PHP; imagine being unique with your skills in Ruby, awesome, right?
However much there are differences between the two, you should try them out. They will definitely change your whole coding
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