Difference Between Parallel Thinking And Argumentative Thinking

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Parallel thinking and argumentative thinking are two different types of thinking method. Parallel thinking method is commonly known as six hats thinking, which was invented by Dr. Edward de Bono in 1967(). According to the Oxford English Dictionary (20xx), parallel thinking is a way of solving problems by using your imagination to find new ways of looking at the problem. It indicates that all participants are looking for the common goal at the same time and individual can have constructive discussion with different ideas. On the other hand, argumentative thinking method is for individual to think an idea or opinion for the purpose of persuade others and prove that my ideas are the best (). These two thinking methods have their advantages and disadvantages, which…show more content…
Although argumentative thinking method is said to discuss rationally with reasonable opinions, this method always produce conflicts between the participants. When an individual disagrees with one opinions In argumentative thinking method, he is more likely to persuade others to be agree with his ideas as he thinks his ideas are the best (). If the two members, who insist on their own opinion in a discussion, there will be no breakthrough progress or new ideas come up (). In an argumentative thinking, individuals seldom accept others ideas and the discussion is less likely to end up with unanimous conclusion, such as the discussion between the Hong Kong Government and The Hong Kong Federation of Students during the Occupy Central. At the meeting, they kept repeating their personal views and ignored the opinions from the opposite party, which made no progress in reaching a consensus. Also, the discussion led to personal insult, which is definitely harmful for any relationships and self-esteem (). However, this situation seldom happens if parallel thinking method is
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