Difference Between Peace And Human Rights Movement

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Human right and peace movements started a long time ago in the early nineteenth century when the anti-colonial movement was started. The aim of different movements, however, differs with the issue at hand by that time. Many people fought for the realization of a world free of colonializing using these human right movements. Their major role is to sensitize the public and the government of the current oppressing issue. For instance, when people realized that their civil rights were doomed by selected few in the time, they came up with movements that could force rectification of the way. Notably, peace and human right movements have helped the public a lot from the beginning of time.
The beginning of movements was faced with challenges in most cases having been frequently criticized by the mass media for they seemed not to have a clear goal. However, if the movement has a concrete claim, the way through shows up with time. For example, in the fight for voting right, the movement was faced with many challenges including media criticism. The whites wanted to maintain supremacy and hence did not want any sign of equality. Also not to forget the anti-colonial movement where many people died in the quest for
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However, in some cases, it becomes hard to protest peacefully and they try to force their way. When violence and force are used, the result is the death of members and property. This goes against our point that peace and human right movements are good and they help sensitize people and bring change to the society (Taylor, n. p.). For example, during the anti-colonial human right movement, many people lost life and property as they tried to force their way out. Moreover, during voting right movement people lost life and property while others were forced to run to other countries. Even though the change they were fighting for came to be, they had lost a
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