Difference Between Peer Server Vs Client Server Network

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Client-Server network Vs. Peer-Peer network.

Key differences between Client Server network and Peer-Peer network:
1. Data path: The prominent difference between client to server network and peer to peer network is that in a client to server network, the designated clients request for services and the servers provide them (data flows from server to client), but in peer to peer network, peers act as service providers and service consumers and service providers at the same time (data flows within peers).
2. Configuration: The Client-server network requires a central security database which stores blocks of shared data as a backup, but the peer-peer network does not contain the central security database as each peer contains its own data.
3. Purpose: The purpose of Client-server network is to share …show more content…

If any user crashes a computer and if some shared residue file is deleted, it poses serious threat to the stability of the entire network.
9. Hardware and software requirements:
• Client-Server network: Let us consider a client-server network, with up to 25 users as an example. Hardware requirements:
 Dual processor: Each processor must be a Quad core with 2.6GhHz or more.
 16GB RAM.
 RAID-5 (Redundant array of independent drives) configuration with 3 disks of 250GB storage.
 Ethernet cables.
 This network has a dedicated server which has more computing speed, more memory and more storage space. Software requirements:
Microsoft Windows server 2008 R2 64 bit with SQL server 2008 R2 64 bit.
 CALs*, as much needed. *CAL- It is not a software product but it is a license that gives user the rights to access the services of the server. In a Client-server network, the software needs to be installed only in the server and not in the client

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