Difference Between Personal Troubles And Social Issues

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Seeing someone holding a cup of coffee on the street is not unusual at all nowadays. In fact, they are starting to get more common. There are now different varieties to choose from. Shops or cafes also provide a lot of different choices or products to consumers. Prices could range from low to high, depending on what type of coffee beans you have chosen to make the coffee. By adopting the sociological imagination to coffee, it gives us a better understanding of what coffee represents in a social context. Based on the definition by Mills, [the sociological imagination can be defined as] the ability to understand the dynamic relationship between individual lives and the larger society (Ravelli, Bruce and Michelle Webber, 2016). This is basically where individuals have to think outside the box. In this case, we have to think specifically for the object, coffee. For instance, how does it perform its function in the society? Moreover, Mills distinguish the difference between personal troubles and social issues. Personal troubles are personal challenge caused by greater social factors. For instance, when you have a lack of motivation to work. Further, social issues are challenges caused by greater social factors. For example, you got laid off from a job due to a financial crisis. Mills mentioned that many personal troubles have not become social issues yet because individuals do not treat their situations in a context of a social world. Thus, they blame themselves of not doing
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