Difference Between Personality And Personality Theories

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Individual differences in behaviour are the result of differences in individuals using their minds in different ways. Every personality represents a unique combination of psychological characteristics that result in specific patterns of behaviour. Personality theories are concerned with observing and measuring individual characteristics, understanding how those different characteristics evolved and how they impact the quality of life through behaviour (Ewen, 2013). Psychodynamic theories of human behaviour assume that human lives are ruled by internal unconscious forces; which may be images, opinions, or feelings as the determinants of who they are and what they do (Kaslow et al., 2002). By comparison, trait theories aim to determine to identify the characteristics individuals possess, the degree to which they possess them and how these aspects of personality cause individuals to respond in particular ways in any given situation (John, Robins, & Pervin, 2008).
Psychodynamic theorists focus on hidden beliefs and emotions, repressed feelings and internal conflicts between the conscious and the unconscious as the main motivators of change in human thought, personality and behaviour (Corsini & Wedding, 2011). Carl Jung’s Analytical Psychology encompasses conscious and unconscious elements, including transpersonal and personal layers in the unconscious (Corsini & Wedding, 2011). According to Jungian theory, conscious understanding is drawn from encounters with social reality and…
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