Difference Between Pessimistic And Pessimistic

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Not sure if you are an optimist or a pessimist? Do you want to clearly see the difference between an optimistic person and pessimistic person so you can figure out where the people around you stand? This article will list some of the differences in very real situations and even give examples. At the end of it, you should have a clearer vision of the difference between optimistic and pessimistic, and you should be able to quickly see people, including yourself, for what side of the scale they represent more. 1. When It Comes To Setbacks Both the optimistic and the pessimistic person experiences setbacks, but they view them completely differently. The optimistic person is able to view the setback as temporary, which allows them to do what they need to do to move past the setback. The pessimistic person views the setback as permanent, which causes them to give up and stop trying in that particular area because their plans have been permanently destroyed. For example, someone trying to quit smoking may give in and have a cigarette during a time of pressure. The optimistic person will view it as a setback, but still have the belief that they are able to quit smoking. The pessimistic person will view it as a setback that has ruined their chances of quitting, and start smoking again. 2. When It Comes To Perception If you show an optimistic person and a pessimistic person the same image, they will view it in very different ways. Their perceptions are made up of their

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