Difference Between Polyface And Industrial Model Of Food Production

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Key differences between the operating system of Polyface and the industrial model of food production 1. Polyface model - Integrated strategy: Polyface is a small scale, community oriented farming. It was envisioned to be an environmentally sustainable farm, effectively utilizing the resources inherent in the land, and mimicking the natural ecosystem. The activities of the farm animals complimented each other and contributed to the overall effectiveness and productivity of the farm’s system. The waste produced was ultimately returned back-to-the-land. For example Polyface utilized excreta and composted internal organs of the farm animals for use as natural fertilizer for the grass. It believed in nature’s biodiversity system and maintained its animal ratio accordingly to suit that system. For example the hen to cow ratio was 16:1 which effectively helped process the cow manure. Polyface focused on organic farming, selling the bulk of their products locally. Compared to the industrial model, Polyface produced…show more content…
For example Polyface produced variety of products: beef, pork, chicken, turkey, rabbit, eggs, vegetables etc. the infrastructure cost was $0.50 per $1 of sales compared to $4 per $1 of sales for other farms. This was because it was used for various purposes for different species throughout the year. Polyface has been able to leverage the operational synergies between its various inter-dependant processes and it has also utilized the waste it produces to further its operational efficiency. The main difficult aspect in such a case is to manage the inter- dependencies between the processes as a problem in one process will affect the other. Since the proportional output level is determined by the process synergies. In case of any expansion the challenge is to ensure that the operational synergies are not
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