Difference Between Pseudo-Science And Pseudo Science

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Assignment 3
Aniket Jain

Why do we need to differentiate between Science and Pseudo-Science ?
Over the period of time science has become a major part of everyones lives (directly or through its applications) and people tend to believe on anything by science. These also include critical areas like : Healthcare, Expert Testimony, Environmental Policies, Science Education. Hence people need to be protected from fraudulent science.
The Non-Science and Un-Science
Non-Science : A body, set, or system of information, methods, beliefs, and hypotheses (such as astrology ) that does not use the scientific method as a basis for observation, or development of a theory. --wiktionary.org
Non-Science and Unscientific does not imply pseudo-science.
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Usually a science trying to promote a “deviant doctrine” is considered as pseudo-science . Hence not all science which use fraud methods are pseudo-science because not all such practices are associated with a deviant or unorthodox doctrine. In a broader sense it is a doctrine whose major proponents try to create the impression that it represents the most reliable knowledge in its subject line.

Factors contributing in demarcation of Science from Pseudo-Science
According to Lakatos, Bunge, Lugg, Morris, Mahner, Popper, Siitonen, Kuhn etc. such factors include : reference to a research program. a group of people with common knowledge aims, and their practices. a theory. a practice. a scientific problem or
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Since antiquity, astronomy has been a puzzle-solving activity and therefore a science. If an astronomer's prediction failed, then this was a puzzle that he could hope to solve for instance with more measurements or with adjustments of the theory. In contrast, the astrologer had no such puzzles since in that discipline “particular failures did not give rise to research puzzles, for no man, however skilled, could make use of them in a constructive attempt to revise the astrological tradition”. Therefore, according to Kuhn, astrology has never been a
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