Difference Between Public And Private Sector

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According to the assignment topic, the research will be an evaluation of the difference between public and private sector in Bangladesh prospective.
The primary objective of this article is to point the conceptual overview of the nature and extent of public and private sector are competing to implement in Bangladesh. On this article also highlights the various features, factors and limitations of public and private sector in amplifying. I would like to mention that; this work is prepared based on a review of primary and secondary information relevant books, journals, article and news paper.

Introduction The public sector consists of organizations that are operated by the government, while the private sector consists of organizations that are privately owned and that do not part of the government. The public sector including organizations run by the local authority recognized by the government. Public sector often provides vital services at affordable prices. Along with, private organizations are owned by the person or a local community, which is mean to help the government and contribute economically. A large number of contributions (e.g. Employment, social awareness, financially, technologically etc) are provide by the private sector organization.
Bangladesh is a paradoxical country. In the beginning of this nation has been faces large number of issues to explore the economy as a successful and modern nation. However, political leaders are…
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