Difference Between Public And Public Health

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Public health is its own system within a larger one known as the healthcare delivery system. The healthcare delivery system comprises of many sectors, all with different perspectives and goals. Public health and the healthcare delivery systems very much complement and compete with each other. Public health as stated by Richard Riegelman is about knowing what not only makes us sick but also knowing what makes us healthy and how that can be achieved if we come together and work as a community.2 Public health is everything around us and because of that it has the responsibility of focusing on everything and everyone. Public health looks beyond the answer for a cure, it looks at the how, why, when, where, what and therefore a solution on how to protect not only the individual but serves an entire population. Competition within the healthcare delivery system is something that began the moment public health was developed because the process of public health was separate from the development of private medical practices. We still deal with the differences between these two sectors; one main reason being that their public health approach was population based and took a prevention viewpoint when practitioners took an individualistic approach to cure diseases not prevent them. 1The healthcare delivery system complements public health in the aspect that they hold together a system that was created for the sole purpose of taking care of others health. According to the World Health

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