Difference Between Qualitative And Quantitative Research

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One of the major differences between the qualitative and quantitative research in regards to the sample was the size of the sample. The qualitative sample had nine participants and the qualitative had a return rate of 1695 students and 1556 teachers. Another difference between the two studies is the quantitative used a random sampling method, whereas the qualitative study used criterion sampling with the criteria being that they were teachers in K-12 who taught/used mobile learning devices. The quantitative sample was from 32 state secondary schools in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyrus. The qualitative was derived from using the maximum variation strategy in order to maximize the “diversity of gender, geographic regions, public and private schools, subject areas, and who primarily was using the devices” (Grant et al., 35). This strategy produced five females, four males, age from 27 to 53, five were Caucasian, and eight out of nine were from private schools, four secondary teachers. The states that were represented Kentucky, New York, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Michigan and the participants had to already be using the technology. In the qualitative article participants were located through various means such as magazine articles, Google searches, professional contacts, invitations, or even social media. In contrast the quantitative used stratified random sampling and used a survey model and questionnaire on the sample. The usable questionnaires was 304…
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