Difference Between Second Acquisition And Second Language Acquisition

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4 First language Acquisition Vs. Second language Acquisition

To differentiate between language learning and acquisition, Krashen ( 1982) thinks that the exposure to language naturally and gradually where a person interact and acquire the messages subconsciously is known as acquisition. On the other hand, using language consciously , when picking one's grammar and words, where communication is not natural means learning."Language acquisition does not require extensive use of conscious grammatical rules, and does not require tedious drill.” This means that acquisition is a process of gradual development of the learner’s ability that occurs subconsciously through in natural communicative situations during interaction. He also adds that the focus during the process of acquisition, it “requires meaningful
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In contrast, learning is distinguished as a conscious and explicitarranged process of ‘accumulating knowledge of linguistic features such as vocabulary, sentencestructure and grammar, typically in an institutional setting’.
The difference between these ways of developing language competence is explained clearly in their resulting utterances : through acquisition the contextual understanding of the language is gained, and through learning, knowledge ‘about’ the language: ‘knowing the rules, being aware of them,and being able to talk about them’ (Krashen 1982:10; Schmidt 1983).
Second language acquisition and learning has been the topic of interest for many years. More and more people are becoming bilinguals for various purposes such as personal, academic or economic reasons. Therefore, in order to initiate and maintain communication with other people, there is a need to learn a second
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