Difference Between Sequence And Rate Of Development

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Assignment Understand Child and Young Person Development Task A Complete tables; Questions A1 Complete the six tables on the following pages, showing the sequence and rate of development for children and young people from birth to 19 years. (506 1.1) 1. Physical development 2. Intellectual and cognitive development 3. Communication development 4. Social, emotional and behavioural development 5. Moral development 6. Development of Identity A2 Answer the following questions (506 1.2) 1. What is the difference between ‘sequence’ of development and ‘rate’ of development? Sequence is the order in which things take place, looking at developmental milestones it is expected that by a certain age certain things will take place although this is not necessarily the same for every child ie: some children may miss out the crawling stage and go from standing to walking. The rate of development is the speed in which things take place. The rate of development from birth is rapid due to the brain development, it slows down and then increases again with further changes taking place in the brain when they hit the teenage years. The rate of development can vary in each ie: some children may start walking at the age of 10 months and others 13 months. 2. Why is the difference important? It is important to know the difference between the sequence and the rate of development in order to identify any needs during each stage of the child’s development and is used as a monitoring tool.
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