Difference Between Service And Duty

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People Who Serve in the Marine Corps Indeed, it was once stated that there is the difference between service and duty. It is a common phrase that a Marine recruit or a veteran is mandated to differentiate between the two terms. Many Americans join the Marine Corps as a sense of service while others join for the feeling of duty. It is in the numbers that form the brotherhood; it is in its mission to protect the country, or it may be due to its emblems that attract a myriad of recruits annually. Regardless, those who join always have a passionate reason for doing so. In this regard, the objective of the paper is to delineate an understanding of why people accede to the Marine Corps and discover the difficulties towards the service or duty. In particular, the paper will use interviews conducted on two elite Marine Corps on their every duty and how they feel about it.
Background: Marine Corps
The Marine Corps Reserve is designated as a crucial faction of the Corp’s ability to provide a composed as well as ready force. Hence, some Marines come to the Reserve after serving on Active Duty since it provides them with the outlet to proceed serving while pursuing individual careers in the public world or while furthering their educational achievements. Before serving in the Marine Corps, an individual has to ascertain particular results such as be aged between eighteen and twenty-nine (or seventeen with parental consent); possess a high school diploma and for college students…
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