Difference Between Service Dogs And Emotional Support Animals

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Understanding the difference between the Service Dogs and the Emotional Support Animals (ESA
What are Emotional Support Animals?
An Emotional Support Animal (ESA) is an animal serve the purpose of mitigating any kind of emotional or psychological symptoms associated with a handler's condition or disorder. The emotional support animal does NOT need to be custom trained to perform a specific disability-specific task. As the name suggests, the Emotional support animals provide comfort, a calming presence, and the much-needed company to their partners in times of distress. This type of animal is not regarded as a "working service dog", but as an emotional support animal. An emotional support animal (ESA) does NOT need to be trained to perform a …show more content…

Like Service dogs, Emotional support dogs also qualify for no-pet housing. The handler of an Emotional Support animal needs to collect a letter from a physician stating the need for the dog. This may be requested by housing authorities and airlines because the use of emotional support dogs has been abused by some over the years.

Emotional Support Animal-Access to Public Places
The emotional support animal does not need to be professionally trained as they do not help to perform a specific task but provide support just by being around you.
The laws under ADA only extends to the ‘working animals’ that is the animals that are individually trained to perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability. Basis this distinction, the emotional support animal is not protected by the same laws that govern service animals.
While the Service dogs are allowed access to all public places such as Parks, movie theaters, hospitals, and restaurants; Emotional Support Animals are allowed access only to the housing complex with the handler including those with no-pet policies and on airplanes.

The difference between the Emotional Support Dogs and Service

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