Difference Between Sex And Gender

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Difference Between Sex and Gender and How They Can Define Us A topic that has been heavily discussed throughout this course is the difference between sex and gender. For past several centuries the word gender has been used particularly as a substitute for sex and vice versa. It has proven to be quite a useful term in the past, however, distinctions between the terms sex and gender, in instances where one word would be more proper to use than the other, have not been fully recognized. In most instances, particularly casual conversations, the words sex and gender are substitutable. They are used as synonyms to describe defining characteristics of an individual without altering the direction of the conversation. In scientific, medical, legal, and even religious contexts the use of the terms lead to misperception and lack of understanding. Although many people believe that sex and gender are essentially the same thing, it is evident that they are inherently different defining characteristics of an individual and that each plays a separate, yet impactful, role in defining who we are. In simple terms, sex refers to a person’s anatomical orientation and gender refers to the characteristics that the person, society, or culture defines as either masculine or feminine. This paper discusses the meaning of gender and sex, as defined through society, and delves into the fundamental differences between the two terms. In order to familiarize more the proper definition of the term gender,
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