Difference Between Smiling And Laughing

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There are many things that most people didn’t know about smiling and laughing. Not a lot of research is done with smiling and laughing because of the fact that there is no background or scientific reason for it. That is not true, there may not be no specific reason for them, but there is a scientific reason for why and when they happen. Smiling and laughing is apart of our daily lives because there are so many health benefits of smiling and laughing, people should understand what happens when we laugh, what smiles are, and the difference between the two. Although we do know what laughing is, we don’t know what happens when we laugh.When people laugh a chemical called endorphins are released from your brain, these chemicals are what make people happier. Endorphins can also be called natural pain killers because of how much stress they relieve and reduce anxiety. When endorphins are released the number of cortisol cells go down. Cortisol is a hormone that makes us stressed and gives us unpleasant feeling inside such as depression and anger.( A good laugh will release all those unpleasant emotions, so then you feel better emotionally. Laughter is one way that will increase our creativity and lower our depression rate(Provine, Robert R. Laughter: a scientific investigation). When we smile, most people believe we are happy, but in some cases that is not true. Smiles can indicate much more than just happiness, they also could be hiding someone's anxiety and fear. That
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