Difference Between Tap Water And Bottled Water

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Tap water and bottled water are used in peoples lives daily. Yet, barely anybody seems to care for the difference between the two. The quality, price, accessibility and many other aspects areover looked in the decision for tap or bottled water. Another topic that seems to be shoved under the rug is the safety of tap water in the United States. But from investigative information it proves that there is no problem with drinking tap water in the United States.

In source A it shows a comparrison from tap and bottled water. It shows how tap water is safer due to the higher filtration and purifying chemicals in the water. Tap water has chlorine while bottled water does not. Tap water also has more flouride than bottled water. Maning that tap water is safer than bottled water. Tap water also has higher safety and consumption regulations than commercial tap water. Therefore Tap water is not just safe enough to drink, but it is also safer than bottled water due to the constant regulations set by the municipal and federal government. Not only is tap water safer but it is also cheaper than bottled water.
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Meanwhile people end up, "spending more per gallon than you would for gasoline." (Lisa Ledwidge Source C). The cost of water from tap to bottled is multiplied by at least 1000 times. You end up saving a lot of money by choosing the healtheir and more practical option. Yet there are a few better and flavorful reasons that bottled water is greatly
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