Difference Between Technical And Technical Writing

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Writing is a medium of communication that is used to deliver the message to the readers. Writing can be of different style. It can be in the form of technical or literary writing. Technical writers are different from literary writers in terms of the use of language, structure, purpose, format, subject matter and their intended audience.
Technical writing is a type of writing used by authors to convey technical information about a certain subject. The audience of technical writing should have enough knowledge or understanding of the topic, usually experts and professionals, because this type of writing uses jargons or technical terminologies. Instruction manuals, user manuals and reports of analysis are some of the examples that fall under
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Technical writing is direct and straightforward and it requires a formal language that it is serious in tone. It also uses technical terminologies. Meanwhile, literary writing has informal and creative languages and it uses figurative languages. In the Cellphone poem, hyperbole and personification are some of the figures of speech that are present in the poem. The use of figurative languages in literary writing allows the readers to use their creativity and imagination to figure out the intended message of the author in his/her…show more content…
In order to do so, it must convey a single meaning to the audience. Also, technical writing must be precise and accurate. Information presented under technical writing has to be factual. Technical writing must also include correctness. It means that it must be free from any grammatical errors and it must follow the set standards. On the other hand, literary writing is distinguishable from other types of writing because of its creative intent. This style of writing has the capacity to engage the readers in their world of creative imagination. Literary writing appeals to emotions of the audience as writers aim to capture and captivate the readers’ emotions through their literary

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