Difference Between Teenagers Work And Balancing Academics

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Teens Working Jobs and Balancing Academic How many students work part time jobs and still manage to balance their academics? People may say a lot of students are able to do that, but really when it all not that easy. Teens working jobs is a good thing, but it could lead to bad things as well. When a student has a job while in high school that is cutting into school work, that is not a good way to continue in high school. It may seem easy and simple to work a job and balance academics at the same time. But when it’s really not because of the things the students have to do at school and also at work. It stresses out the students having to work and keep their grades up as well. This issue needs discussion because of students that work part…show more content…
Not only will students learn how to handle some responsibilities, but also helps the student on how to manage money. “Being a good student takes a lot of responsibility but if a student learns how to balance school studies/activities and a part-time job, that student will know the true meaning of responsibility” (Benefits of Working). Learning how to manage money is important when living in a world like this. Most parents force their children to get jobs only to because they want their kids to grow up as a responsible adult. “When a student starts earning their own money, they will gain a better understanding on how to handle it. Working hard for money will help a student appreciate important personal finance lessons such as the benefits of budgeting and the importance of saving and being frugal” (Benefits of Working). To most students work may not even seem to be that stressful, and they may be easily balancing their academics. But for other students work may seem more stressful. Stress could be an example of work, because of how stressful it could be to work a part-time job and still manage to keep up grades. While a student is at school he/she could be stressing about something that involves work. It may be the other way when a student is at work and stressing over school. A student's motivation could affect on the amount of stress they are under. Students are already under enough stress when it comes to high school, but gains more
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