Which The American Colonies Developed A Society Different From That Of The Mother Country By 1763?

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Evaluate the extent to which the American colonies had developed a society different from that of the mother country by 1763.
By 1763 the American colonies developed a society different than the Mother Country due to religious, political, and economic differences. Religious toleration was established in the colonies whereas persecution was still occurring in England. In addition, the colonists extended concepts of liberty and self -government to a greater extent than the British did as well as developed an open social structure in which people could rise whereas England had well-defined, hereditary classes.
Throughout the sixteenth century, many immigrants came to the New England regions, seeking refuge from religious prosecution especially in England. The Protestant Reformation was a religious and political movement that affected the practice of Christianity as well as most other religions throughout Europe. The series of events in sixteenth century England that caused the Church to break away from the authority of the Pope and the Roman Catholic church is known as the English reformation. Many traveled to the colonies to escape religious persecution throughout this reformation period in Europe. The New England colonies, especially the Massachusetts Bay Colony as well as Rhode Island were much more liberal and advanced than the Old world communities were. For example, in Providence, Rhode Island, courageous Roger Williams but a Baptist church, establishing complete
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