Compare And Contrast The American Colonies Vs The British Parliament

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The American Colonies VS the British Parliament In the Seven Years’ War or the French and Indian War, Britain took over the eastern part of what is now the United States of America. The British forced out the French from many territories in Canada and received Florida from Spain by giving the Spanish west of the Mississippi River. With Britain's victory in the war, they had complete power of the seas and now the American Colonies did not have to fret about attacks coming from the French, Spanish, and the American Indian allies because the British were there to protect them. Although the British feel that the colonials should feel the need to thank the British for protecting them the colonials feel no need to do that. Instead, the colonials do not want their freedom to be taken over by the British who are across the sea from them. After the French and Indian War the British and colonials start to have differences in their plans which starts the new laws from the British and boycotts from the colonials. Although the colonists did not really fight in the French and Indian War, they should still have the need to help pay for some of the debt from the war because it was their territory that the British are protecting. However, the British should not have imposed such strict laws on the colonials because they were treating them like inferiors by starting to declare all the proclamations and acts. The colonists should feel the need to pay Britain’s debt from the French and Indian
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