Difference Between The Employees And The Customers

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Getting Started Even with the huge influx of people moving to the cities, small town America is still a thriving society with tons of people. Just how different can small town America be from the rest of the country— particularly in one of the many public service industries? Are they the close knit community that towns are famous for or the antisocial gathering spaces we all know? These are the questions that will be answered in this piece. Rather than focus in on race and gender, the focus here will be on social class/standing—specifically the difference between the employees and the customers. This study will be looking for two things: one, is the distance between customer and employee as big in a smaller setting; and two, will there be more interaction between the customers themselves? Going into the study, the mindset is the customer—the upper class—won’t interact with the employees—the lower class. That being said, the interaction between the different customers will increase compared to places like the cities of America.
As mentioned above, there will be a focus on two distinct groups—the “lower” employees and the “upper” customers. The study will focus on how this “upper” group treats the “lower” group—consciously or not. It’ll also try to focus on how the two cultures interact within their groups. As Becker talks about, culture is a lot more than the things the current generations learn in their elementary classes. Culture is an ever evolving being that…
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