Difference Between Tradition And Modernity

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The word 'society' has been divided into separate nations where people from many parts of the world follow different values and morals. In our society today, many of us are accustomed to the modern lifestyle of living. Although this may be a given, due to the fact that we have grown and adapted from the classical ways of living from the past centuries, traditional forms still exist. Tradition and modernity are types of ideologies that can be distinguished and told apart from various aspects that they hold. Modernity goes beyond the expansion of technological advancement and is rather the way in which our culture has shifted. Over tradition, modernity holds the key to social change and development within the world whilst promoting progress for growth. In order to grasp the understanding and analyze from each of the opposing societies, we must draw upon the concept of ideology.…show more content…
Developed countries around the world are run by the market economy — where there lies a complex control of power status (Shils 73). Capitalism allows for individuals in the modern society to achieve towards greater success for themselves by generating this 'need' for a surplus cycle of attaining wealth. Although this may seem to be a positive feature, capitalists are known to rob people of their freedom. This sense of 'no freedom' pertains to the idea of people not having complete control over their daily consumptions as a consumer in the society. In most cases, people are unaware of these capitalist tricks that they have unintentionally trapped themselves into, in terms of being tricked into purchasing a certain good or service. This surplus cycle of need is a constant demand that is dominant in modern societies in order to maintain growth in numbers. This is a continuous cycle in the economy that is drawn upon in all aspects, yet will continue to steer power control to a maximizing boiling
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