Difference Between Traditional And Modern Society Essay

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Although both societies established their own belief on ideology, ethics, and traditions. Nevertheless, a traditional society’s foundation built on the extended family with each family considers as the welfare state. Consequently, the family is completely responsible for their well-being and offspring’s success. Conversely, the government is exclusively responsible for many of the services in modern society. Therefore, the success of the individual solely depends on the person rather than their families. The purpose of this essay is to compare and contrast the important distinction between traditional and modern society. Furthermore, this paper will demonstrate the different beliefs held by each society and show many distinct comparisons between the two societies, along with the writer’s sympathetic perspective against tradition or modernity in light of the foregoing. The traditional society ideology solely based on accommodation of tradition, ethical values, superstition, magic, and religion. These ideas used throughout the community in order to rule and governed society. Due to the welfare state of the family, families continued to govern themselves, and therefore, had to provide for their needs. Families were only to communicate among themselves as outsiders remain unworthy to trust, therefore, problems addressed only within the family. If a member of a household takes a matter outside that family loses their respect. In addition, crime committed within the family
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