Difference Between Traditional Marketing Vs. Traditional Marketing?

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What is the Difference between Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing?
Every business organization knows that great marketing helps find and retain customers. In general, most recognize that there are several ways to market their products or services. Now more than ever, people spend more time online than they spend reading books, or watching TV? For this reason, digital marketing continues to grow and provides a way for companies to market to their consumers where consumers are spending their time! Traditional Marketing
Traditional marketing has been around forever. Common examples include TV, magazine, newspaper, radio, business cards, flyers, and trade shows. Traditional marketing methods are very familiar and generally easy to understand. For that reason, many companies continue to include traditional marketing as part of
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• In June 1995, GNN was acquired by AOL for an estimated $11 million.
• It was closed in 1996, and all the subscribers were moved to AOL’s dial up service.
However, it was in October 1994, when the team at Hotwired – the first commercial web magazine – deliberated on ways to pay their writers and the idea came in the form of selling ad spaces in large quantities and the term “banner advertising” was coined. The plan was to create special sections on the website for the banners to be displayed on. The idea was not entirely new though. AT&T was one of the first companies to buy ads on Hotwired.
You see, internet is now one of those things that is taken for granted. It’s hard to imagine a life without it. But before the internet, when people wanted to get connected online they had to opt for different measures. You could use a Bulletin Board System to stay connected locally unless the system operator was connected to a network like Wildcat, or to stay connected on a nationwide level, you had to use a paid service, like
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