Difference Between True Love And Infatuation

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Infatuation can be a strange feeling. True love is getting to know someone and wanting to spend the rest of time with them. Infatuation just appeals to that person and wanting to like them for what's on the outside and not for who they are. Keep in mind that both infatuation, and true love are both intense feelings that can mess with an individual's head, and mind Infatuation is different than true love in certain ways. True love is when a person finds the person in their life and they think “ I wanna be with you the rest of my life.”True love could lead to an individual spending the rest of his, or her life with their significant other. True love is a very intense feeling that can make and has made many people go insane. The main difference between infatuation and true love is, the amount of time that it takes to fall in love. Infatuation happens right away but true love is a slow process. Love is a much deeper connection than infatuation. Another reason that true love is different that infatuation is, infatuation is short lived, but love last a long time. Also, Infatuation has many small problems, but love will give people the ability to let them go. Relationships that end after love has been found can hurt more than infatuation relationships. I two people are going to fall in love these two people need to know one another for a long period of time. A good example of this would be the ”High school sweetheart.” One point that people strive to prove is that people who are in love do not argue, but that is not the case in most people's situations. If people do not argue while they are in a relationship with one another they will tend to bottle up their emotions. These situations will make both individuals mad and when they eventually do argue it can, and will end the relationship. Infatuation will be the main cause of people leading to bottling up his or her emotions. Bottle up emotions are not good for anybody inside of the relationship. Infatuation is when somebody is attracted to a person based on looks such as eyes, or other body parts. Infatuation is triggered by lust, and love is not. Also, in an infatuation based relationship can lead to one person in the relationship feeling that he or she is better

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