Difference Between Twins And Clones Essay

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Subash Khanal
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Mrs. Smith
8th Dec, 2016
Difference in twins and clones
From the very beginning of evolution, human beings have been developing themselves rapidly in physical and mental aspects. With every successful evolutionary era, human beings are found to be somewhat alike to their ancestor. Birth of twins is always a matter of great curiosity in world. Many are amazed with this fact of twining. The fact that contrasts offspring’s being alike to their ancestor is a genetic carrier called DNA. DNA is a double helical structure that is composed of genetic material called chromosomes. Chromosomes found in human body cells are equal in number in each cell and are formed after the cell division and condensation of DNA (charlotte 3). With growing technology and scientific progress artificial twining called cloning is also made possible. But, Identical twins made from biological parents are incomparable to the clones made from a genetic host.
Genetic material called Chromosomes carry genetic material from springs to spring with slight variation. During birth unusual division of chromosome can give birth to twins. Twins can be of two types identical twins and fraternal twins. Identical twins look alike but fraternal twins do not. Twining is a biological process. There is another artificial process of making twins that is cloning, which results same as twining. Usually by definition, clones are living organism that has placed themselves in a different

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