Difference Between Type 1 Diabetes And Type 2 Diabetes

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A very important topic is the difference between Type 1 Diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes, as many are unaware of the differentiation. Type 1 Diabetes mellitus is the auto-immune type where there is an autoimmune destruction of the pancreatic β cells. Pancreatic β cells are where insulin is produced. Eventually, this auto-immune destruction leads to a total absence of insulin production. It is not until the pancreas is unable to produce sufficient amounts of insulin that manifestations occur. The manifestations include sudden/recent excessive thirst, hunger, and urination. It is also accompanied by weight loss. In Type 1 DM, exogenous insulin is a requirement for the patient to live (as it is not produced at a certain point) – otherwise the patient will develop DKA, which is life threatening.
Type 2 DM is the most common type of diabetes, 90-95% patients have Type 2 DM. In Type 2 DM, the production of insulin isn’t lot, but rather the insulin production is insufficient/poorly utilized by the tissues (or both). In other words, endogenous insulin is present. Type 2 DM is linked to increasing age, obesity/being overweight, and family history of the disorder. In Type 2 DM, there are contributing factors to development: insulin resistance, decreased ability of the pancreas to produce insulin, inappropriate glucose production by the liver, and altered production of hormones and cytokines by adipose tissue (adipokines).
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