Difference Between Violence And Compassion

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You see evidence of violence and compassion every day, gangs fighting on the streets, billionaires giving away money, some people have even experienced this first hand or through family members. These things have a lasting impact on people, especially those affected by the violence, they never forget even after seeing an act of compassion. In this essay You will learn the difference between violence and compassion and how violence has more of an impact on people than compassion. Some acts of compassion wouldn’t exist without violence . Take Clara Barton for example, if the civil war never happened, she never would have become a hero or started the red cross because she never would have become a nurse in the army and seen the physical and mental effects of war on the human body. Malala is another example, if Al Qaeda had not challenged women 's right to education Kailash Satyarthi might not have had to share the Nobel peace prize he won in 2014.
Furthermore, Beatrice Webb a writer back in 1887, stepped out of her upper class life and into an East London textile factory to do some research on the though life of poor factory workers for her upcoming book— A Work-Girl’s Diary. After that, she started a campaign for improved factory working conditions and supported trade unions. It makes you wonder though, what if she wanted to be a stay at home mom instead, then she would never have started her campaign and maybe someone else would be celebrated for her…
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