Difference Between Will Power And Willpower

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Currently, a well known singer is being criticized for not showing up at her concerts. She has demonstrated her lack of self-discipline to a wide public who will think twice about buying tickets to her future shows in case she isn't there!
Nor can any of us feel smug. She is not the only one to fail to follow through on her plans. Self-discipline and willpower are needed in her life and in ours. Self-discipline and will power mean much the same according to at least one dictionary.

The Cambridge Online Dictionary says:
"Self-discipline is the ability to make yourself do things that you do not want to do."
The same dictionary says similar things about willpower:
"Willpower is the ability to make yourself do difficult things or to stop yourself from doing enjoyable things that are bad for you."
I won't try to
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They are not difficult to do but they can be boring. It is easy not to do them.
However, doing them can make a big difference to your immediate environment and your self-discipline. Some tasks will demand an extra effort.
This morning I used my will power to assemble a garden bench. The bench was delivered in a box. I asked the delivery man if it was easy to put together. "I think so," he replied.

It was far from easy and I had to use plenty of willpower to finish the task. However, the will power helped me achieve a goal and build even more willpower to help me deal with any further challenges that might come my way.
Examine your life to see where your self-discipline is weak. Is your room tidy or a disorganized mess? What about your appearance? Do you make a daily list of your goals? Do you deal with them one by one?
Do you eat what will make you healthy or only what you like the taste of? Do you have the self-discipline to buy the necessary ingredients for a nutritious meal? Do you avoid buying the wrong food which will stay in the house tempting you all week

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