Difference In American Culture

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Fish, schools of the immersed creatures swimming amongst the one another, so long as they were similar in their appearance, thought, and need, this aspect of the sea creates segregation throughout the entirety of the mass of water. Despite the segregation wafting over every aquatic creature, all the creatures create an evident interrelation to create the full scene of the ocean. But like most things, there tend to be deviations. Deviations like myself, where I was the tuna amongst the school of salmon, I was similar but yet also different at the same time. This property of the sea translates to my experiences in the United States. Although my differences in culture segregate me quite greatly compared to the “normal” person in America, I am…show more content…
Through my influences in America, English has been absorbed so much into my culture that it is literally second nature. Although I had one thing form of dialect that ultimately put me from the “salmon” of the group: Russian. It wasn’t obvious at first to my fellow scholars and teachers, but at the moment they found out that I was of Russian descent, I was known as the “Russian.” The language of my culture can put people in a daze as I announce simple phrase such as, “How are you doing?” Given that my dialect is incommensurable from the majority, I have never been sheepish to the fact that I speak distinctively than others. Like many others, I am in fact proud of this distinctiveness as it portrays my characteristics as a person, so I embrace it to the highest of my ability, and it becomes interesting to talk about to Americans, or should I say talk to as they always ask me to say something in…show more content…
Born into a feast of Russian cuisine, I thrived off of Okroshka and Pelmeshki against chicken nuggets and hamburgers. Despite myself enjoying these Russian delicacies, I got have had some glares of disgust in the past. I remember sitting down in 1st grade where almost every aspect of your being is either recognized or criticized, sadly in my scenario it was the latter. As I was consuming my Okroshka, I was greeted at the table with appalled glares as they gazed upon my soup, which for people who do not know, contains hotdog, egg, sour cream, green onion, and water. I ate my soup with a disheartened feeling that lunch. Despite that culture clash I continue to eat Russian meals in front of people, no matter that attention I have received over the past 11 years, as I embrace each bite of my culture, no matter how great of a difference it had tasted or appeared in contrast to American
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