Difference between EU Preschools and American Preschools

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EU preschools pay more attention to the student’s health and development, while the domestic schools focus on skills training. According to the physiological and psychological characteristics of children, each country emphasizes that the preschool stage is a key period for their physical growth and development, the primary task of preschool is to cultivate a healthy body for the children. In November 20, 1989, the United Nations unanimously adopted the <<Convention on the rights of the Children>>, which involves four aspects of children' s rights including survival, development, protection and the criterion to have right to participate in social life within the scope of world . On September 29th,1990, in New York, many countries leaders gathered together to discuss the physical and mental health problems related to the protection of children, and put forward a series of effective principles. In order to ensure the physical and mental health of children, various countries take different measures. For examples: In France, it is stressed that preschool institutions should maximizing the protection of children' s health in every activity. In UK, it provides free medical care for children in preschool. In China, the burden of preschool is very heavy, except for the formal lessons, they have to take extracurricular classes. Due to fierce competition, the parent of the children always are afraid that their children will lose in the starting line, at the meantime, they ignore the

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