Difference between Marketing and Public Relations

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The two professions have become vague to publics – with many unsure of the truth. The most effective use of both PR and marketing is not to merge as one (1) discipline, but to allow a collaboration of both operations. Distinguishing the similarities of PR and marketing, permits a better synergy and outcome. The three (3) core differentials are; goal purpose, the distinctive matrix’, and target markets. PR and marketing although both strive to fulfil public information needs (or a story); both entities have separate purposes as to how, why and the extent. Both PR and marketing are adapted from matrix’, that simplifies and outlines the disciplines core operations – both designed for specific and relevant outcomes. The two (2) professions, aim their focus in completely separate directions; marketing is focused on the past present and future consumer/customer and their needs and desires, as opposed PR which has a wide spectrum target market; ranging from a community leader to governments. With an understanding of the complexity and functions of both PR and marketing, it is clear to understand that; PR, is similar but not marketing.
PR, a term that has more than 500 definitions (Harlow, 1976) from a simple quip such as Public Relations Society of America (2008) “... help[ing] an organisation and its public adapt mutually to each other”, to a complex elaboration seen from…
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