Difference between Text Messaging and Abbreviations

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Social media sites such as Twitter only allow a limit of 140 character per tweet. This limits the amount of words you can use in a tweet. This forces the users to get their ideas across in the shortest way possible. For many, this results in the use of text talk. This is a type of shorthand and it creates a whole new language consisting of abbreviations. LOL, BRB, SMH and TTYL are a few examples of the abbreviations from this text talk language, theses terms are used every day amongst teens. These text terms add more to a sentence and in text more then just a simple abbreviation for a word or phrase. Abbreviations as short has three letters can add a whole new tone to what is said over a text massage. LOL (laugh out loud) for example is used to add a joking or playful tone to a messages "almost like a type of punctuation" and in some cases it replaces a punctuation. This abbreviation doesn’t always indicate literal laughter either. This is how text talk and normal abbreviations vary. Text talk is surly changing the way we talk and communicate with people in our every day lives. theses text short hand are becoming a language on its own. Now the question is how does this writing form change the way we communicate with people. We no longer have to ride on horse back for miles just to deliver a single letter. However, we now have cell phones and laptops, and with these social media. Writing letters was once an semi social activity between two people. Writing letters
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