Difference between an Interview and Group Discussion

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This essay will show the use of friendship pairs in interviews for marketing research.
In the beginning of each research it has to be clarified what kind of research ahs to be done. So first it has to be analized what kind of data would be of interest. Data of a wide range of respondents would be collected by questionnaire, which is shorter in time and could be easier analysed. If the topic is more complex, it could be of interest to have more detailed data. Therefor a focus group discussion could be helpful. Normally there are six up to eight respondents in one group with one interviewer. What makes a focus group interest is the fact that the respondents are not always in direct contact to the interviewer. They will start talking to
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The result of an interview can be finally end in a kind of disaster, if the interviewer will not be trusted by the friendship pair. The data quality can be zero. It will be important for the interviewer to build a bridge to the pair.
As an example can be seen the study of MY, where young people were asked about their cannabis consume. A very sensitive topic. So to get quality data, it was a strong goal to be trusted by the young people.

Pair interviews will transfer a huge amount of daily life style data. The same as what can be seen in focus group discussions. As Highest mentioned in his study “… one key feature which seems to differentiate paired interviews from focus groups is their potential for offering glimpses into more personal territory, in particular the private emotional world of young men”. This study was about the consumption of cannabis. Very interesting because as a result of “other studies have reported no differences between focus groups nor one to one interviews” (Highet, 2003), especially in lower social status groups of men. As mentioned earlier, a key factor of receiving high quality of data its to be trusted by the young people. They have to have the feeling being at a save place during the interview. A problem can be, if one of the friends is dominating so strong that the other is only following.
The interviewer has to be quite sensitive to reduce the dominance of one and
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