Difference between the Private, Public, and Nonprofit Sectors

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Compare and contrast the difference in purpose between the private, public and not for profit sectors.
A private organisation is a Company run by an individual, partnership or shareholders. These companies are run for profits which are paid to either the owner/s in which case it is privately owned or its shareholders in which case the shareholders own the organisation. An example of these companies would be Local trade businesses, large commercial organisations and retail stores (Australian Institue of Company directors, 2011).
Public sectors are government controlled services that provide for both basic and essential needs of the general community. The content of government sectors varies between countries, however in most countries these include Police, Health care, Fire brigade, Military, Public transport etc. (PrivacySense.net, 2014).
Not for profit organisations consist of organisations that are not run for the profit or personal gain of individual/s. They are often referred to as charities and provide benefit services to society, often encouraging people to band together by sharing resources to achieve a common goal. Profits can be obtained by these organisations but must applied for the organisations purposes. These organisations include Surf life-saving, Churches, and Salvation Army etc. (Sessoms, 2014).

1. Choose one real world organisation from one of the three sectors discussed in task one. Discuss this organisation in terms of the following:

a. How is the…
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