Difference in Competency Between Adn and Bsn

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Difference in Competencies Between Associate Degree and Baccalaureate Degree Nurses Introduction Demand for highly qualified and proficient registered nurses has been on the rise and will be the same in the coming future. The required qualification for an entry level for nursing profession has always been a topic of debate. The main purpose of this paper is to compare the level of proficiency between nurses educated at a baccalaureate degree level to that of an associate degree level. To provide efficient care for their clients nurses have to be equally skilled and knowledgeable. Experience can increase skill level, which alone is not enough, but a blend of proficient knowledge, leadership, research, decision making ability and planning…show more content…
BSN nurses are well prepared and can function in varied situation utilizing the proper process and complex clinical skills all within the scope of practice and within the hospital guidelines. On the other hand ADN nurses are restricted to their level of knowledge and skill within the hospitals policy. BSN nurses have leadership abilities which enable them to be better clinical resources, charge nurses and supervisors on the other hand ADN nurses are limited to patient care. Research piloted by Dr. Christopher Friese and colleagues states that “nurses prepared at BSN level were linked to lower mortality and failure to rescue levels”. All nurses use the same process while providing care but BSN prepared nurse has an upper hand because of their level of knowledge that helps them plan and deliver care efficiently. Conclusion Nursing profession is an ever changing and challenging one, because of its diverse client population, advancement in technology and complexity of work environment. All these put an increase demand on the nursing force, which requires them to be proficient both in skill and knowledge wise to provide better care and obtain optimum outcome for their clients. So it is apparent that the entry level for nursing profession should be baccalaureate degree. BSN nurses are well prepared to meet with the current demands there
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