Difference in Salaries between Male and Female Chefs

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“If you want to become a great chef, you have to work with great chefs. And that’s exactly what I did”("Gordon Ramsay Quote”). Gordon Ramsay said to become a great chef you have to work with great chefs he never said you had to be a male or female. Its shouldn’t matter about their genders. So why do female chefs get paid so little and male get paid way more ? “Nation’s Restaurant News found out male executive chefs was $17,950 higher than female executive chefs $68,000 V.S. $50,050”(Coomes). There's so many reasons female chefs should get paid as much as male chefs. Male shouldn’t be the only ones shining , female should be able to shine too. Female chefs should be paid as much as male chefs because it shouldn’t matter the gender and they are doing exactly the same thing. In general female get paid so little and male get paid so much more . This will be including female chefs in the food industry. According to “Women hold just 6.3 percent of head chef positions in the u.s , according to a survey of 15 prominent restaurant group. And while female workers make up a majority of food service employee - and up to 40 percent of graduates from some of the country’s top cooking school - government data shows there’s currently a larger percentage of female CEOs in the u.s. than head chefs”(). Females and males should be treated and paid equal. Womans are not always going to depend on a male. So how will people like female survive If they get paid so little?
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