Differences And Differences Between Social Comfort, Counterproductive Behaviors And Overall Productivity

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Disagreement contains both – Strongly disagree and disagree
Agreement contains both – Strongly agree and agree
The outcomes of the questions put forth in the survey have been broadly categorized into four key areas – academic output, social comfort, counterproductive behaviors and overall productivity. These are then analyzed accordingly. The results of the category – academic outcomes – primarily focuses on the core collective objective for which the group was formed. Social comfort focuses on the comfort in communication of ideas and thoughts and overall psychological comfort experienced by participants in a group setting. The section on counter-productive behaviors refers to the negative energy generated during group interactions that eventually impacts the group members and the group as a whole. Lastly, the outcome of the productivity group focuses on the effects on the overall effectiveness of the group towards achieving the final deliverable of the project.
The nature of overall responses to questions focusing on the academic outcomes have generally been positively inclined. 86% of the students surveyed felt that working in groups helped them gain perspective on a subject due to interaction with people from diverse backgrounds. Further, 75% of the participants in the survey felt that they added value to the group outcomes in area they are good at leading to an enhanced academic experience.
The segment on social comfort further supports the proposition that group
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