Differences And Differences Between The Book And Movie Batman

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Can a movie and a book mean the same thing with the same content? Do you need to add stuff, delete stuff? Or even reword things and scenes. I will take through the book and movie versions of batman a point out the differences and same quality. To me the little aspect can change a whole theme of a story, it adds the emotional parts or it can make the movie a disappointment. How deep will I go into this? I'm talking about going all the way to see how long it took to make every single scene and how long it took for the author to think of that scene. No no really it will just be the very simple stuff from how the movie opens who dies and what how the movie ends, the simple things.

Batman year one starts in a train with officer gordon which progress
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The scarecrow, joker, two face all big villains the batman has to out best multiple times. And even saving hundreds of people the cops other than gordon see him as a bad guy and they try to kill him or not help him many times. The scarecrow uses fear gas to drive people insane and force them into killing himself or until their heart stops. Joker kills many people and puts things against them he plays with their emotions probably the most dangerous villain. Two face who use to be a good guy is who turns against the city because of what the joker did and somehow he didn't die but he turns evil.

`the book doesn't have any major villains as the movie does it points out at different thing. What do villains do to add these movies or books it draws people in more it makes them want to know how they are going to get defend if they are. It changes everything so people likes the comic but most of the reviews didn't like it as much if they would have had a better villain than just the city. Even though it changes everything and keeps the story to the same thing instead of jumping around everywhere some people would like but in my personal opinion i'm not the biggest fan of
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