Differences And Similarities Between Formula 1 And Indycar

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One of the most obvious examples of differences and similarities are the cars, with Formula 1 and IndyCar being similar and NASCAR being the odd-one-out. However, the differences and similarities go further than just the looks and the body design. Most people know that there are mechanical differences between the cars, but not many know the specifics. The Montreal Grand Prix website states, “While the F1 and Indy cars feature open wheels and an open cockpit, NASCAR drivers are enclosed in a sedan-styled vehicle. It’s also the heaviest of the three, averaging over 3,250 lbs (1,474 kg) compared to just over 1,500 lbs (680 kg) for F1 and IndyCar. The increased weight is carried by a 5.86-liter V-8 engine, whereas the lighter F1 and Indy cars …show more content…

While they all initially use ungrooved racing tires, if it’s raining, IndyCar and F1 apply grooved racing tires to overcome this challenge. In the aspect of cars, they have very few traits that they all share. Though IndyCar and F1 cars may have more similarities, NASCAR’s vehicles still have their similarities to the other divisions.
Other than the cars themselves, the three series have other comparable factors, such as their backstories. Each Motorsports division started in different regions. They were each started by different individuals or groups of people. According to NASCAR’s website, the sport became more popular after the end of the second World War. In 1947, Bill France formed the first branch of NASCAR or the modern “Monster Energy Series”. Later, in the year 1982, members of NASCAR made a new series, which was given the name the “Late Model Sportsman Division,” which later became the “XFINITY Series.” There is also a third series, the “Craftsman Truck Series,” or the “Camping World Truck Series” that was formed, which uses trucks instead of cars. The NASCAR website explains how the sport started and how it expanded with the two additional series that it added. When the sport started, there was no organization. However, as time went on, and because of men like Bill France, NASCAR became an organized and popular sport. “Founded in 1994, INDYCAR serves as the sanctioning body for the Verizon IndyCar Series... ABC and NBCSN

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