Differences Between 80 And 2000s

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From MC Hammer pants to joggers, from brick phones to iPhone, from new wave music to rap music. It is such a dramatic change, but everything begins to progress at a certain time. These changes have had a considerable amount of impact on the generation of the 80s, but also on the people of the 2000s. Everything was so much easier to do and it involved the people to look for answers in their own way. Now we have everything so much easier such as technology and communication, but it does require us to have more practice and knowledge. Communication is a humongous factor in both the 80s and 2000s, which means that they both are alike but different at the same time. The first cell phones known as the “brick phones” were the first phones to come…show more content…
They lacked the technology that we have now, which allowed them to get away with many things; however, they had to work extremely hard on their lying skills. Aside from libraries, the students back in the 80s got themselves involved in many of the school clubs, activities and sports. Teachers were much more respected back then due to their strictness and way on handling those students who were very rude and disrespectful towards them. The internet is now the easiest source for many of us to use when we are in need of finding the answers to our questions. Unlike the people of the 80s we rarely get away with anything, since our parents are learning how to use the internet and they are able to look at our grades and absences. There isn’t as much school spirit and people getting involved in extra curriculums and school activities. At times the reasons to why some people don’t get involve is because we are offered more courses such as AP, DC and PAP classes and we take advantage of that, but this also means more work and more of our time has to be dedicated to our studies in order to pass the classes and get the credits. Probably the only thing that will never change from high school is the little cliques who believe they are the popular ones or the only important ones. Being a jock, preppie,
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