Differences Between A Green Roof And A Boop Garden?

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What is the difference between a green roof and a rooftop garden?

There are a few main differences between a green roof and a rooftop garden. Firstly a rooftop garden is intended for human use, whereas a green roof is not intended for human use. Secondly, rooftop gardens are generally planted in deeper soils (on average between 200-500mm) while a green roof substrate is much shallower (20mm-150mm), and can be as little as 2cm. Rooftop gardens are usually broken up into areas of lawn, taller trees and shrubs whereas on a green roof plants are planted in mass and a greater variety is grown. Rooftop gardens are generally more “park-like” in design, whereas on a green roof the vegetation forms an ecological protective layer.

Green Roof Study Environmental Benefits

• Use of roof area as additional space.

• Improves thermal performance.
The use of the direct green roof system because of the layers. When adding to the roof design.
• Reduces sound transmission through roof.
The use of the direct green roof system.

• Visually attractive with a variety of plants and foliage.
It create an own environment for the individual.

• Low maintenance.
It depends in which green roof system is used, for the low maintenance. It would be the modular system as the food and water it stored within the trays itself.

• Little to
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Northern European countries encourage rooftop gardens through legislation and by-laws, as a means of 29 reducing the stresses of an increasingly urban population. The idea of gardens with challenging efforts by environmentally minded independent bodies, the benefits to the environment and social sectors. The financial cost of implementing a rooftop garden is far outweighed by the social and environmental benefits. The initial sum should not damage because the benefits will be felt for years to

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