Differences Between A Victim And A Creator

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By reading and writing about personal responsibility, I have learned that if you choose to accept responsibility for your own actions that you are making the first most important decision to your own life creating the outcome of it. Though we may have no choice in unexpected events that happen to us, we most certainly have a choice in how we interpret what arises and in what we decide to do about it. We can always choose to be either a victim or a creator. There are differences between a Victim and a Creator. A Creator accepts personal responsibility for all of their actions; leaving no room to blame others. They understand that they create everything in their life and that personal responsibility is a choice.…show more content…
A victim is someone who keeps doing things the way that they have always done them even when it doesn’t work causing them to fall short of their full potential. One example of their way of speaking include: often blaming others for their problems; complain about all their problems, give excuses, and repeat their behavior, having the same results every time and that problem being seldom achieving their goals. When I was attending high school, I didn’t realize how much time I was wasting speaking in this unfortunate manner so much it lead me to graduate high school four years later than my actual graduation year. Obviously I wasn’t aware of how to speak as a Creator until reading about it now. I refuse to let myself continue to live that way and I will use everything that I have learned in the chapter I received to speak as a Creator from now on. A Creator seeks solutions to their problems, accepts responsibility, and takes action. Creators choose to do things, commit themselves, and take control of their lives, all beneficial qualities. I will achieve this by changing the way I speak which is key to progression. Instead of saying “I’ll try” I’ll say, “I will”. I’m not going to continue making the same old excuses just to get the same old results. With that being said, I will create a new perception of life and I will accept responsibility for my all of my own actions. By doing this I will achieve great things. I was acting as a Creator when I made the
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